Melissa Rehfeldt

"Melissa is a lover; a lover of life, a lover of the Earth and a lover of plants. It has been through this love that she found the passion and desire to begin creating one of a kind vessels for her self-propagated house plants. Once this journey started, it only brought more joy into Melissa’s life, taking her down the magical path of working with clay, her hands, and the Earth. Through this process, she has expanded into creating other sacred items such as ceremonial tea or cacao cups, incense burners, bowls and much more.

Melissa is also a Certified Sheng Zhen Teacher in the North Fork Valley, specializing in meditation and gentle movements to open the heart and relax the body. She has integrated this practice into her ceramic creations, infusing them with universal love and light. Our hands are very powerful and we can deeply feel, absorb and give energy through our palms.

To eat, to drink, and to fill our lives with sacred hand-made objects helps us to integrate presence and awareness into everyday life. If you wish to know more about this work, on or off the wheel, please contact Melissa at