Ivy Hunter

Ivy enjoys creating in all aspects of her life. She finds art as a tool to integrate what she experiences in the outer world with what she knows to be true and significant from within. Ivy was primarily educated through Waldorf curriculum and continued onto university at Lewis and Clark where she graduated with honors in Anthropology and maintained a balance of interests in mathematics, literature, and art. It was at university Ivy began using the wheel to create clay vessels and she has been enraptured with clay ever since. Ivy moved to Paonia in 2021 and immediately joined the Clayworks studio where she quickly became a central member of the collective by taking on treasury responsibilities, teaching her first class, and helping with events. For work and to pursue her other passion--pants--Ivy manages a landscaping crew. Ivy loves how clay is both limitless and bounded, how it requires strength and stability as well as subtle flexibility, and how it is both functional and expressive. Ivy looks forward to a life-long journey of communing with clay.